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OSS is ready to help you fill out forms
Take comfort in knowing that your OSS provider will describe the road to recovery, so you know how to plan.  We understand that your injury and recovery may limit or restrict some of your activities for the short term.  These limitations and restrictions could affect your work (e.g., ability to earn income), school, driving, vacation plans, etc.

You will be able to use the provider’s recovery directions so you can then organize what you need to do for your work and disability benefits.

Please understand that all our orthopaedic providers have the expertise to make different types of disability benefits decision(s). Your provider will consider the following factors:

  • Your age
  • Your profession (your job duties)
  • The type of injury you have had
  • The prescribed treatment

What’s required?
For you to apply for disability benefits (e.g., income support, job protection, school excusal, handicap placard, etc.), your provider must authorize that you indeed need to limit or restrict one or more activities.  The best time for you to discuss your disability authorization request(s) is during your office appointment.

If your provider approves the disability request, your provider will give you a note that you can use to submit to your employer or your insurance company. This note can often get the disability benefit(s) process started. Please understand that applying for income and job disability benefits takes time and involves different groups which each have their own time frames to complete their step(s).

Jury Duty
Know that you can reschedule your jury duty up to two times without a doctor’s certification. If, because of your injury, you need to reschedule more than these two times, bring this form(s) to your office visit and submit at check out.

Handicap Placard with DMV
Our office has the DMV form.  You can request form completion after your office visit at check out. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  Scroll below.

Getting Disability Benefit: Help with Work Related Forms

EDD Benefits:  How to request OSS’s help

First Time?

  1. Read instructions on how OSS can help complete the EDD form.
  2. Fill out the OSS Request Form and submit.

Need Extension? (Coming Soon)

Private Insurance or FMLA benefits: How to request OSS’s help

First Time?

  1. Read instructions on how OSS can help complete the private insurance / FLMA form.
  2. Fill out the OSS Request Form and submit.

Need Extension? (Coming Soon)

Time To Complete Disability Forms & Fees

DISABILITY FORMS (Can take up to 10 business days)

State of California, Employment Development Department (EDD) $25
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) $25
Private Insurance $25

DISABILITY FORMS (Can take up to 5 business days to complete)

Handicap Placard with the DMV* $10
Jury Duty Excuse $10
Medical Necessity Letter per page $10
Release to Work $10
Travel Excuse $10
Home Health Application $15

*This form can be completed in the OSS office, after your appointment, at check out. It may take 15 minutes to complete

OSS does not process long-term disability benefits with the state of California. If you need to apply for long-term benefits from the government, please contact the local Social Security Office in California.

Medical Records

The request to obtain medical records does not require approval from a doctor. Just let our staff know to help you. You will still be responsible for the administrative fee.