Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists has easy access to urgent orthopaedic care for acute or sudden injuries, such as broken bones, sprains and strains. We know you want to get the proper diagnosis and treatment from the start, and that’s why OUCH* (Orthopaedic Urgent Care Health Clinic) is the place for you.

Our OUCH hours are convenient and open to new and existing patients.


  • Call for SAME DAY appointment in our Glendale office
  • Available Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

**You will be in the trusted care of our board certified orthopaedic physician assistants and nurse practitioner. This team of Advanced Practice Providers has always focused on musculoskeletal health, and they will evaluate your orthopaedic injury and start the treatment plan. Moreover, our Advanced Practice Providers are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating orthopaedic injuries. In fact, they treat more orthopaedic patients per year than all the local urgent cares and emergency rooms combined!  Unfortunately, our OSS doctors may not always be available for OUCH same day appointments / walk-ins.


  • Pay a Deposit ($200); We submit the claim to health insurance and then settle the difference.
    If you have a health insurance that we typically accept, then our office will collect a deposit of $200 from you at the OUCH visit. Immediately after your initial visit, our office will then verify your health insurance, check your deductible, and submit the claim (bill) to your insurance. Once our office receives an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your health insurance, we will either (1) refund you the remaining deposit OR (2) bill you for any services that were above the $200 we initially collected as the deposit.
  • Pay Cash ($300); No Health Insurance Filing.
    If you want to pay by cash (meaning, no involvement of your health insurance OR you do not have an insurance that we accept), then the price of your urgent care visit is $300. The price of your OUCH visit includes 1 X-ray, cast, or splint and one follow-up visit. It does not include major procedures such as bone setting or surgery or braces over $25.  You will be billed separately for these services and payment is due prior to services being rendered.

Our OUCH pricing structure is competitive to urgent cares. Furthermore, getting help from OUCH versus going to any hospital emergency room will definitely save you money and a long wait.

Bottom line: Studies show that the sooner an orthopaedic team is involved in the care of an injured patient, the better the outcome.

*OUCH is a service of OSS and is not classified as an urgent care facility.